Use Geofencing for Your Next SEO Campaign  

Imagine that you have just launched your company. You are excited and ready for customers to come in. Your products are the best in your community and everyone knows that. Your website is amazing. Your website will be a magnet for everyone. Sounds great doesn’t it? Read more now on

You hired an internet marketing company to help you get your website to the top of search engines. Perfect! You are now set up for success. Your site appears on every search engine’s first page. The seconds tick by and you wait for the first customer to come through the door.

In seconds, the minutes turn into minutes and then into months. “Where is all of the traffic?” You might ask. You will see that the majority of your visitors come from all over the globe when you look at your website visitor information. They are unlikely to ever visit your store. They’re all thousands of miles away. In a world filled with websites similar to yours, SEO becomes quickly ineffective.

What if the same company that brought you visitors from all corners of the globe targeted your local customers? Imagine if they could target your local customers and also attract the interest of people in your community who are interested in your products. This is a better way to use your resources.

This is the purpose of geofenced or local SEO. If no one visits your business, being on the first page in a search engine’s results is pointless. Geofencing is a strategy that increases your chances of reaching the most important customers. A billboard in Asia is useless if it’s not for the USA. Advertising at the bottom of a lake to find a buyer for your house is not something you would do. Millions of small business owners make the same mistake every day by running ineffective SEO campaigns. In order to attract customers, they spend thousands of dollars each month on SEO campaigns to rank high up on Google. Geofencing can be your solution to inefficient SEO.

You are only speaking to customers who will come to your business. Geofencing is an essential part of any SEO strategy, even if you don’t intend to target the entire world.