There are 3 types of blog post that can increase participation on your website

Online bloggers are often in the worst position: Having a blog with great content but little engagement is not a good thing. It could be that you know that people read your blog. You may also know that the people who read your blog enjoy them. You may not get comments as often as you want. This problem can be resolved by changing the type of posts that you post on your blog. Participation is much easier when certain post types have been chosen. This is easier than it seems. This article will show you three types of blog post that you should include in your blogging repertoire. These tips will assist you in this tesol mathrace.

The question post is the first and easiest. This is exactly the way it sounds. It is as easy as posting a question and inviting people to comment. It is best to have multiple answers for question posts. This allows people to share their ideas even if others have already answered the same question. This is why you should include question posts in your blog. My question is not: Are you writing blogs for traffic, or just because of

The rant is the second type you should use for your blog. You can rant or rave about anything that has happened to you. This is how you create controversy on your blog. You can expect people to either agree with your blog or to disagree. These responses, in either case, will lead to comments. This is what your goal is.

The guest post is the third type. This is where someone else writes the article. This is because the third party is invited to your blog. Therefore, they have a vested stake in this success. Comment on the post right away and you will get several comments from your guest poster. You will also discover that they often promote your post which can provide additional traffic. These sites are usually built around and are meant to be attractive to visitors.