Mum blows people’s minds as she turns baby’s onesie into bib in seconds

It’s a dilemma most parents with babies about to become toddlers will be all too familiar with – what to do with all the onesies that no longer fit them?

Well one woman has the answer and has wowed other mums on social media with her clever trick.

Hack-savvy TikTok user Gressia has come up with an ingenious way of transforming her daughter Emilia’s babygrows into useful bibs and even T-shirts.

Sharing her hack in a video on the social media site, she shows how she manages to turn her little one’s clothing item into a useful food-catcher in just a few seconds.

To begin with, the savvy mum lies the onesie on a flat surface and then starts cutting right above the leg holes.

Once she’s cut all the way across, Gressia then pops the brand-new bib over her daughter’s head.

The cute youngster, who wears a bright red bow on her head in the footage, seems impressed by her mum’s inventiveness.

And what’s more, the remaining part of the babygrow can be used as a T-shirt once Emilia is a bit older.

“Nobody’s gonna know. How would they know?” a voice can be heard saying in the background as Gressia cuts away at the material.

And impressed parents showed their appreciation for the tip too, in the comments on the site.

One said: “Where were you 30 years ago?”

Another remarked: “Okay – this is low-key genius.”

A third added: “Great Idea! I wish I’d thought of this! And you can still use the top as a top!”

“This app should be called TikTok school,” a fourth gushed. “I learn so much here!”

The footage racked up 580,000 likes and a staggering 2,777 comments from users welcoming the quick tip.