Top 5 Tips To Find Great Blog Content Ideas

You can create a blog to have fun or make some money. There are more people who decide to start blogs in their specific area. People tend to give more attention to the idea and posts than they do to the topic. So before you start your blog I challenge you write at least 50 ideas. And no less that 10!

50, why should you be concerned?

There are many reasons you should do this activity and not just read about it.

Start with. Do you want to start a blog on one topic? If you can’t recall at least 50 topics from your head, you might not be keen to write about it. Or, you may have chosen the wrong topic. You should know that it takes around a full year to create a blog. Therefore, if your blog doesn’t have at minimum 50 posts then you’re likely to have problems in six months.

Next. The most important thing to do when starting a new blog is to publish ‘epic contents’. People will return to your site if you have great, informative content. If you take the time to write 50 topics, it will help you distinguish the great ones from the lesser-known.

Third. Consistency as a blogger is definitely the second most important. People don’t tune in regularly to blogs that may or not have new content each week/month. Regular updates are more appealing to people when they first visit a site. To make a good first impression and keep visitors coming back to your site, you need to post at least 2 times per week. You will see a better organization and a longer-term outlook on your blog if you have a list to go off of.

What is 50?

Do you agree? Awesome. You now have the opportunity to see where you could get the best ideas. Here are some ideas to help you create your list. The best way to answer this question is to use

1. Google Keyword research is your best start. This will help you identify the keywords that you need to target on your blog. Keyword research tools will allow you to find the related keywords people are looking for. This information is invaluable in determining what your target audience wants. Perhaps you are thinking of writing a blog about Young Adult literature. Google will tell you how many people have searched for the term ‘Twilight Meyers.’ Blog post? You bet.

2. This is a great tip from Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income). I’d love to claim it, but the academic in my is screaming plagiarism. Search for your keyword in Amazon or Google Books. This will bring up a list with books related to the topic that you’re writing about. Take a look on their content page by using the preview function. Bam! A variety of topics are right in front of you that you could be writing about.

3. A great tip that I’ve learned is to break up your posts into different types based on the area. For example, if your goal is to post three times per day, you could have Information Monday and How-To Wednesday. Review Friday might be another option. Then, you’ll need to think of about 20 ideas underneath each one. If you have a blog about housebuilding, you may want to include Information posts on different types architectures, How-To various renovation projects, and Review top tools of your trade. This will make it easier to come up with topics and to decide what to write.

4. In keeping with the last tip I strongly recommend splitting information posts into series. While you don’t want to write too many posts, they should still contain enough information that makes people feel that they are experts in the area. By writing a series on Mondays about a topic, you can keep it concise and still give all the relevant information. Consider a post about running barefoot. With just one idea, you can make at most three high-quality posts that link to one another. You could write one about the history behind barefoot running (why has it suddenly become so popular), key techniques to run efficiently and another post on the various types barefoot and minimalist footwear. Three posts at most.

5. My last tip has saved me so many times. Visit Forums. Look for the people in your target audience and find out what they’re interested in. Forums are a great way to get ideas for post topics because your audience is literally saying “I want a blog post about this.” It’s amazing to see the questions people ask. I am able to answer their questions and share my knowledge. You can also return to the forum and answer their question, as well as post a link to your entire blog post.